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I have an order coming in with three perfumes from the design house of Jo Malone London. I will be posting a review for each of them. They are Lemon Tart, from the new Spring/Summer collection, as well as Wild Bluebell and Blackberry & Bay. I’m really looking forward to trying these out and sharing them with you.

I first heard of Jo Malone when I started reading ‘ The Little Lady Agency ‘ from writer Hester Browne. Her characters live in London so all of the writing is jammed packed with modern English lifestyle references. The leading character , Melissa Romney-Jones – a.k.a Honey, is a business woman and one of her great pleasures in the books is a bubble bath in the luxurious Red Roses bubble bath from Jo Malone. When I first found a Jo Malone counter in Neiman Marcus I was so happy. A little piece of fiction becoming something I could really experience was very exciting to me. Sadly, the bubble bath has been discontinued , however, they have replaced it with bath oils of the same fragrances. So, we will only miss the bubbles.  🙂 I have purchased a few different perfumes from them since that time and have completely loved them. I am really looking forward to diving into these new scents. Jo Malone design house has done a lovely job of making the traditional English country side come to life in little crystal perfume bottles. The scents are clean, fresh and unique. Nothing chemically scented coming through. Just big luscious heirloom roses, juicy pears, velvety vanillas and very spicy woods and mints. I have the Blue Agava & Cacao Bath Oil. How’s that for a scent combination?! It smells like warm exotic fruit and chocolate. Very robust and lingers quite sometime. 🙂

I will let you know about my new discoveries as soon as I can.

Have you ever tried Jo Malone products?

What was your experience?


P.S. If you haven’t read the Little Lady Agency series and are in need of a funny read about a woman with good old-fashion gumption in modern London this is the book for you. Check it out.  🙂

As always, please, feel free to share your comments and let me know your experience with these products.



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And the Winners of The Perfume Draw Are….

( Drum roll, please. )






I will e-mail you and you can send me your mailing address and then your perfume sample pack prize will be sent to you right away.

Thanks, everybody


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The House of Caron Goose Down Powder Puffs

The House of Caron Goose Down Powder Puffs

Caron La Poudre Fine Mineral Body Powder

Caron La Poudre Fine Mineral Body Powder

The Famous Crystal Perfume Dispensers of Caron

The Famous Crystal Perfume Dispensers of Caron

Candy Colored Caron Perfume Bottles

Candy Colored Caron Perfume Bottles

160  - The House of Molinard's Newest Creation

160 - The House of Molinard's Newest Creation

The Molinard Home in France

The Molinard Home in France

Molinard Vintage Perfume Collection

Molinard Vintage Perfume Collection

Courvoisier - Legendary Cognac to Legendary Fragrance

Courvoisier - Legendary Cognac to Legendary Fragrance

Michel Roudnitska Introduces Ellie Nuit

Michel Roudnitska Introduces Ellie Nuit

From the House of Jivago - This sweet scent is selling out in Israel

From the House of Jivago - This sweet scent is selling out in Israel

Juliette Has A Gun - 'nough said

Juliette Has A Gun - 'nough said

Theosiris from Creations Guy Bouchara

Theosiris from Creations Guy Bouchara

Pure Perfume Oils from Egypt

Pure Perfume Oils from Egypt

Sahlini Parfums - Bollywood Inspired

Sahlini Parfums - Bollywood Inspired

On my ever present quest for all things Luscious last week I ventured into the concrete jungles of New York City. Armed with my trusty camera and a killer pair of stilletto heels my expedition led me to the Perfume Expo America where the largest gathering of the perfume and cosmetics industry meet once a year. There they parade the finer things in life –  those that come bottled anyway – to merchants, journalist, and perfume fanatics alike for four days.

It was a scented safari. Pure perfume oil from Egypt wrapped in papyrus. Pink disco balls of Ibiza. Sahlini with their Bollywood potions of La Femme and Femininde. The ” Irresistible Arrogance ” that only a true Imperial company like Courvoisier can bring… anywhere. The loveliness and finesse of the Molinard family  – a cornerstone in the perfume industry – as they unveil their newest creation 160, celebrating and commemorating 160 years in the business of parfum. The perfume, crystal, puffs, and powders of Caron and so, so much more.

I will be posting some perfume reviews of all the wonderful fragrances that the very generous people of perfume have shared with me. And in the spirit of sharing I am hosting a give-away, two actually. I want to share luscious experience with you. So I am making up two sample packets and if you would like to be entered into the random drawing ,please, let me know in your comments and I will let you know who the winners are on this coming Sunday. The winners can send me their address and I will ship it out to you. This is the first give-away that iLusciousLife has done but, I hope it will be the first of many.

Remember if you would like to enter into the drawing for the mixed perfume sample packets,please, list your name in the comments. Their will be two winners!

Good Luck!  🙂

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Perfume Review…. You had me at Pimento

Well, the other day I ordered some perfume samples from Lucky Scent. If you have never been there or don’t know what it is you should totally check it out. It’s a wonderful site where you can buy perfume from great perfume houses, some large well known houses to boutique perfumeries. If you’re not sure which ones you like  or would like to try it out before commiting to an olfactory investment you can buy a sample and have it shipped to your door. The descriptions are entertaining, too.

Here’s the link:

O.K., so, back to my samples.  I chose an organic perfume from Honore Des Pres called Trip. The notes are listed as pure tangerine extract, Mediterranean oranges, yellow and green lemons, pepper, pimento, resins. Interesting? I thought so, too. Especially since it is organic. Go Green! Right? The pimento was what I had to try, hence the post title ( my apologies to Renee Zellweger 🙂 ) since the little red strip stuffed into my olives never really registered as perfume material on my scale.

So, how did it wear? Honore Des Pres Trip is a lot like a giggle. The top notes smell just like Fruit Loops! Not in a overly sticky sweet way, but in a Sunday morning cereal bowl filled with happy colorful O’s floating in a mini milky ocean. Then it heads directly into the fresh citrus that is very nice and enjoyable, afterwards warming up with the resins, which I believe  to be  frankincense.

The down side is that it lasts as long as a giggle, too. The whole progression from Fruit Loop to citrus to resin to a complete full stop finish is under an hour. Quite remarkable, really. I have never had a perfume that faded so quickly. All three of us that tried it had the same experience.  I didn’t really pick up the pimento. Maybe, I need to learn exactly what it smells like in order to say whether it made an appearance or not. It definetly did not shout it out, though. It really is a nice perfume, but it needs to last longer for me.

Have any of you tried it yet?

I’d love to know if anyone else has ever had a cologne or perfume that was so transient?



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Happy Mother’s Day

Lots of love to my mom!!!!

🙂 🙂 🙂

She already knows what she’s getting.  Perfume that has all of her favorite notes in it . It’s called All That Matters , with sandalwood, lily of the valley, and musk.

However, we actually have surprise gift for her ,too. So, that should be fun. 🙂

What are your Mother’s Day ideas?


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Ginger…a la parfum

This is the second installation into my exploration of  essential oils used in perfumes.  Today it’s ginger. Ginger seems to me to be a middle note. When I first applied it to my skin the immediate scent was earthy, the root of the ginger root apparent.  Surprizing  since I was expecting the sharp lemon pepperiness of the freshly grated ginger I use in food.

After about fifteen minutes the earthy-ness started to change towards the pepper and spice. Also it became a touch sweeter. I was happy for the change because that’s what I love about ginger, a peppery zing. And that is where it stayed for its short visit. By an hour and a half it was completely gone. No trace left upon my skin

That is the way of top to middle notes I’ve heard and that is why they need a base note. To carry them through the  hours of our day. Base notes are known as fixatives because they allow the top and middle notes to harmonize and linger in their company. Making a proper perfume when combined.

I have included a list of perfumes containing ginger for your scented pleasure.

They are:

Esteban Le Bain Secrete Afrique

i Profumi di Firenze Zenzero

Jack Black Signature Blue Mark

Ebba by Sand 

Montale Ginger Musk

 Nelly Rodi Scent Factory No.5 Ginger


I found this list on a cute web site that specializes in niche, boutique and specialty perfumes. Check them out at:

So,  have you ever tried any of these fragrances? A sample from a perfume counter or a staple on your perfume shelf? Or maybe you have a different ginger scent that you love; either way I’m interested in your experience and recommendations.




I foun 

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Quote of the Day

Here’s some great advice on how to command attention from a pro.

“Dress shabbily & they remember the dress; dress impeccably & they remember the woman.”

Coco Chanel.

A few words to inspire you to bring out that red dress that’s been hiding in your closet.

I think Coco would also approve of your favorite perfume for the occasion, don’t you?

Have fun!

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